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Over several years of  Air traveling, various “stages of development” of this passion and forms of planning the cheap flights trip can be seen in the head. From organized trips (by coach to Greece? Sounds like a nightmare? And yet – it’s not a dream!✈️ ), Through the purchase of beautifully illustrated travel guides filled to the brim with the most popular and crowded tourist attractions, to proper internet research and relying on the experiences of other fascinated with the world of “travelers”- like us.

And here we come – “all in white,” with our experience and passion, willing to share practical information and tips that we “collect” for so many years.

Someone will ask: “But another travel blog? But what for? “After all, there is probably not a single piece of land left on Earth that someone would not describe, recommend, or at least not show in the photos. And that is 100% true.

However, in our opinion, there is still an undeveloped niche in all of this. And although we start planning each trip with online research, we do not always find what we are looking for.

Therefore, on , we want to help you to find cheapest flights because flight tickets can be very expensive! only by spending the night in a luxury hotel, spending most of the year outside the country, or reaching the most cheap travel destinations. Here you will find practical cheap flights tips, airline tickets prices,  cheapest trip plans, and cheapest airfare to book last minute flights Booking Flight Tickets Deals This place is also supposed to be a collection of valuable advice for all those who, like us, love to admire the world from the #airview perspective, like to feel the thrill when the application warns about “high velocity” or – have fun with the 🚀ENJOY drone!