How to find cheap airline tickets?

The possibility of organizing a trip abroad on our own is great fun for us and many things to remember. The very purchase of airline tickets can make you sleepless. That is why we decided to prepare a short guide for you, from which you will learn how to organize a flight on your own. We will present you with portals that help you find optimal options in terms of price and time. There will also be tips on finding the best deals.

We are finding cheap airline tickets – how to start?

How to find cheap airline tickets?

It all depends on your preferences as to travel time and destination (or lack thereof 😉). Because even if we do not have them, we can rely on fate and use the hints suggested by the flight search engine.However 😋
I recommend that you consider a few aspects roughly:

  • a month of travel
  • its duration
  • the preferred place of departure
  • the preferred place of arrival.

This information will have to be entered into flight search engines. How do I get to work?

Internet portals that aggregate offers from selected airlines and show current data on options consistent with our preferences will be a good inspiration for buying a ticket. Below is a description of each of them.

Website aggregating information about available air connections. All you have to do is define the place of departure, destination, and date of travel in the search engine visible on the main page to receive a complete list of current prices after a few seconds. Interestingly, from the level of the search engine, you can also indicate your preferred airlines and sort the results collected by the system in terms of price or duration of the trip. In addition, the website will also give you a chance to take advantage of a cheaper connection, as long as it is available on similar dates to those you defined.

For those looking for bargains, I recommend checking the Promotions tab, where you can find flights at meager prices. If, in turn, you are hunting for flights to a specific destination and you care about a budget trip, I recommend that you make friends with the Price Alert function. To receive an e-mail notification as soon as an interesting connection at a reasonable price appears on the horizon is enough to define the travel conditions and enter your e-mail into the system.

Additionally, it makes it possible to book hotels parking lots and facilitate the booking of group flights. The website also has a mobile version, available free of charge for users with iOS and Android systems.

I used to find inspiration for choosing the destination of my trip. For me, a great convenience of this page is the map view, which indicates specific destinations and possible ticket prices. Such a solution allows you to quickly find an exciting destination that corresponds to the assumptions of our trip.
If you do not have a specific destination in the search engine, you need to select “anywhere.”

In addition to the flight search engine, the user can also use the accommodation and rental car search engine. An attractive section is Stories, where travel inspiration and news will be found.

A similar page to the previous one – here, you can also search for information on flights, accommodation, or car rental options. On, you will also find the possibility to search for “deals” based on a map with available directions.

An exciting option available on this portal is the “Trips” function. After creating an account, we have the opportunity to optimize all processes related to the trip – in a word, it is a tool for planning and managing our trip. You can store reservations, share travel plans with others, manage all of this even offline or receive practical information in advance (e.g., about flight status, gate, etc.).

The second exciting option that I found on the portal is a dedicated section for business representatives. It is nothing but a tool that allows you to manage your business trips. Kayak Business facilitates the organization of the trip due to its extensive database of air connections and hotels, but you can also count on attractive prices. In a few words, the business tool makes it easier to plan and manage the trip, but we also have more control over the expenses, and we can save a lot.